The Final Step by Michael S. Oden

The Final Step founded by Michael S. Oden is a unique program that uncovers the underlying issues that may cause life-diminishing behavior. We have been successful for over 15 years in helping men and women change and improve their personal and professional lives by focusing on the “core” issues.

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  • What is a need?

    I will add my piece of information to this interesting puzzle called “emotion.” I see emotion as an indicator light due to the interpretation of that event. The interpretation of that event will either meet or not meet the need the individual which will cause a particular emotion to be experienced. In other words, if […]

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    As a therapist, I had the disturbing privilege and honor to witness America’s newly released “Men, Women & Children” and how it captured the behind the scenes look maladaptive behavior in certain situations and also the disconnect of certain caretakers all around the guise of social media.  To me, this film gives great insight about […]

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  • Treatment of addictions, anxiety and phobias

    Dear Mr. Oden After our second visit I was convinced that you are a very special healer, your clear and concise evaluation of problems buried deep in ones heart and soul stored away for years (out of sight out of mind) but never dealt with to identify and heal. In years past I have had […]

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