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Hello, I'm Michael Oden and I'd like to welcome you to my website. I see so many people struggling to be their best, but were unable to. “The truth about drug & alcohol dependency and abuse is that it affects every socioeconomic level, it doesn’t discriminate and “fatherless children” are far more susceptible.” You can live a freer, happier life.

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  • Teen Drug & Alcohol Dependency &Treatment

    Hi Michael, I was at your excellent and informative presentation this morning.  Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! Teen Drug & Alcohol Dependency &Treatment   Your card identifies you as an author (among other things).  I’m hoping you have written material that I can buy to help me help my clients identify needs they […]

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  • Myths About Drinking Alcohol continues..

    Myths About Drinking Alcohol continues.. Myth 7: Those hangover prevention “shots” are the answer. There’s no scientific evidence to support any of the claims made on those products marketed as the cure to all hangovers, no matter how many vitamins they’re packed with, says Warren. “In the past, [manufacturers] have added thiamine or folate or […]

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  • Depression RIP Robin Williams

    As a professional in the healing business I am going to go out on limb. Something was troubling Mr. Williams just as something troubled Mr. Ledger, and Mr. ……. What do all of these men have in common? All successful in their careers yet all ending their life prematurely. Why? Why was reality so painful […]

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Cynthia-gaining understanding

One of my beneficiaries said you spoke into his life – you said things no one has ever said before and you helped him by gaining understand.

Sonja-living a useful and fulfilling life

As I commence in living a useful and fulfilling life, it is my hope that may others become the recipients of this method of case management. The Needs Based Method by The Final Step

Daisy-hope and change is possible

A probation client that was able to become drug free