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Hello, I'm Michael Oden and I'd like to welcome you to my website. I see so many people struggling to be their best, but were unable to. “The truth about drug & alcohol dependency and abuse is that it affects every socioeconomic level, it doesn’t discriminate and “fatherless children” are far more susceptible.” You can live a freer, happier life.

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  • Substance abuse and substance dependency

    The Final-Step, program has been created to teach individuals understanding and awareness in regards to drug use.  Our program will bring education and awareness to both parents and teens on the subject of substance abuse and substance dependency.  This program will teach parents and teens to understand where this problem originates and provides them the […]

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  • Drug use-Narcotics

    What causes a person to use drugs if it “really” is not beneficial for them? cont. As the interviews continued, I eventually got to the “core” reason why an individual would begin to use narcotics for any length of time. I discovered that the majority of my clients began to use drugs between ten to […]

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  • Drug FREE after 20 years of Meth use

    Our client explains how we helped him uncover the truth behind his meth use.

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Cynthia-gaining understanding

One of my beneficiaries said you spoke into his life – you said things no one has ever said before and you helped him by gaining understand.

Sonja-living a useful and fulfilling life

As I commence in living a useful and fulfilling life, it is my hope that may others become the recipients of this method of case management. The Needs Based Method by The Final Step

Daisy-hope and change is possible

A probation client that was able to become drug free